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 Adrian Hubert
Academy of Golf

Golf is About How Good Your Bad Shots Are

A Bit About Me

I would like to introduce myself. I am a British PGA member with 35 years of successfully acknowledged coaching experience in England, Belgium,Spain,Poland and The Czech Republic.

My Professional experience and unique approach will provide every golfer much more knowledge of their golf swing. I personally work with each client as an individual to help them achieve their potential. I push but I also motivate. Early on, I identify what each client is capable of and try to persuade them to go beyond their capabilities. 


Through my extensive career, I have gained a methodically structured and dedicated approach to planification of lessons for all levels of players and to all scenarios, I have advanced communication skills with all ages and various cultures, flexibility and accurate time-keeping. I am Fully qualified through Callaway as a Custom Club Fitter. And also an Ambassador for the brand. I also have a strong knowledge of Flight-Scope, Trackman. and GC Quad 

GC Quad Golf Lessons

The GCQuad is an impressive photometric launch monitor that provides tour-quality data about a player's swing and ball flight. The innovative putting analysis tool included in this product helps it stand out above other launch monitors on the market, as well as how easy it is to set up and use.

Callaway Custom Fitting

Nothing quite changes a golf game than clubs that suit your exact playing style.  Using my years of expertise we can make sure you have the right clubs for you.


Academy Of Golf

New to golf and want to get a head start or an experienced player looking to give yourself an edge with some intensive coaching. 

Golf Course

Golf Holidays

Take the stress out of your next golf break and let us do all the hard work for you!

Specialist in Spanish & Turkish Golf Holidays

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