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Adrian Hubert 
Academy of Golf

New to golf and want to get a head start or an experienced player looking to give yourself an edge with some intensive coaching. My intensive academy training can help give you an edge in your game.

At the Adrian Hubert Academy of Golf, we understand golf is an amazing tool to educate our Students not only in Athletic Development, but also development of Character and Personal Etiquette. We believe every Student is an individual and requires a programme based around their personal needs. There’s no “one size fits all” in golf, we are all different shapes and sizes and have different capabilities, which all need to be catered for.

Our Passion, is in the success of our Student both on and off the golf course.

Adrian Hubert Golf and English Academy 


  • An amazing way to learn Golf and English together. 

  • Max 6 kids per session = 1 hour 5 pm to 6 pm.

  • Covering all the golf skills. 

  • Etiquette of golf.

  • Rules of golf.

  • English Terminology. 

  • English Conversation. 

  • Golf Quiz in English.

  • Awards to achieve. 

  • Prizes to be won. 

  • Tournaments.

  • Term Starts 12/9 runs every week for 20 weeks exc Christmas break and new year TBA. 

  • Range Balls Included. 

  • Garmin Radar Device will be used.

  • Fun Games on Garmin Simulator during winter training.

  • Indoor / Outdoor  Tournaments.

  • Video Analysis - sent to parents after every session.

  • 12,000 czk per child.


  • Choose from Mon, Wed, Thur or Fri. 

  • Starting from Age 6 and upwards Groups will be made up.






Golf Academy - 3 Days

What To Expect

Using Adrian’s experience of working with numerous touring professionals and Elite amateurs, and also beginners, we have designed and developed a highly boutique approach to our philosophies at the AHAG, allowing us to ensure our Students receive personalised programmes in the Technical, Physical and Mental aspects specific to their individual game.


We have created a structured platform for our Students to learn to work independently and therefore see dramatic improvements in their skill levels.


AHAG Will use the latest in Launch Monitors to work with your swing and explain your strengths and weaknesses, itemising what areas you need to work on. We will be using V1 digital analysis to help you understand the differences between “feel and real”

4,000 Kč per person min 2 max 8 in one academy 300 min

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