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Callaway Custom Golf Club Fitting

Nothing quite changes a golf game than clubs that suit your exact playing style. With me I will use my expertise as a Pro to fit you with the right clubs for your playing style and also you goals as a player.

Being fitted by a pro will be a completely different experience compared to any high street fitting, as a Pro I won't only see how you're currently playing but also where improvements lie and where your game is going. This will enable me to ensure you get the best out of your new clubs but also tailor them to where your game is going!

How does it work?

We work using a 3 prone process.  

Measurements -

Clubs are matched to your height. To find the right size clubs for your body, we will measure your height in 3 different ways to determine the proper shaft length for your clubs.


Radar Swing Analysis - 

When we're sure we've nailed down the proper length and angle of the clubs you need, the next step in the customisation process is figuring out what kind of flex and grip works best for your particularly style of play. To do this, we'll use the latest in Radar technology to record your swing.

Grips - 

Getting the right grips. Working with the grip on the individual clubs to give you the most secure and comfortable contact possible. In general, the larger your glove size, the larger the grip you should use.

Fitting Costs

Driver Fitting

Irons Fitting

Full Set Fitting

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