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I needed a coach to help me get better. Adrian really took the time to understand where I was going wrong and each lesson made me feel more confident when standing over the golf ball. He was extremely supportive and whenever I saw him, he was always asking how I’m getting on a genuinely cared. Thanks to Adrian I’m now playing golf to a better standard and would highly recommend Adrian to any golfer (new or experienced) who is looking to improve. Joe


Adrian is a fantastic teacher. He not only cut seven shots off my handicap in a year, but got my confidence on the course back. Anyone considering a lesson, I couldn’t recommend Adrian highly enough



I have been working with Adrian over the last year. In that time, there has been substantial overall improvement in all aspects of my game. Adrian’s main strength lies in his ability to identify one’s weaknesses and his ability to help correct them quickly. He’s helped me to understand the variables to consistency in my ball strike which has resulted in more confidence in my stroke play, and shooting lower scores on a more regular basis



Adrian's professional and friendly approach to teaching has given me the confidence I required out on the course. His clear and expert instructions, along with the state of the art facilities have helped to analyse and improve my swing in a short period of time.



My great golf experience is based on cooperation with Adrian. I have done a huge progress followed by significant reduction of my HDC. I see an explanation for this improvement in Adrian’s ability to adapt himself to any level of golfer’s potential. Magical connection between local golf environment, training facilities and quality of coaching practices built up a top of golf education in a country. I recommend it for those who would like to enjoy a life accompanied by a pro-am level of golf.

Jaroslav Kučera

I am professional dance trainer for more then 30 years and I create a lot of champions in dancing. Golf is my hobby for more than 15 years and I work with few trainers during that time. Last 8 months I am working with Adrian and I improved my golf unbelievable fast. Friendly teaching with best best knowledge - this is the combination. I can recommend Adrian fully to all levels of golfers!!!

Tomas P

Adrian is a coach with huge knowledge and experience. He has been training with my 10 years old son for 3 years. The results are impressive. He is a great trainer and mentor for young competitors. I really recommend Adrian Hubert as a trainer for young and old golfers.

David Kwon

I met Adrian to learn golf in earnest. The contents and scores of the my golf improved as I corrected each problem that I didn't know when practicing alone. Sometimes he analyze swings with sophisticated equipment, and record my swings in each lesson and find improvements together. He is a very faithful, honest, and talented pro. Above all, there is a human beauty that is pleasant and makes me want to meet him again. If you are looking for the best instructor in the Czech Republic, I strongly recommend Adrian.


Adrian very quickly identified some key development areas which enabled me to improve my game. The issues spotted by Adrian were backed up by digital analysis available, which also assisted in tracking my progress. The lesson were not only useful, but varied enough to remain enjoyable. Adrian has a nice laid back teaching style and I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the coaching available. Tim


Adrian's insights are fantastic. He uses data to make changes and working with him on and off the course has helped me improve my strike, club speed and consistency. He makes small changes and gives great drills and thoughts to help bed those changes in. I've learned so much in a short amount of time and i know i'll just keep on coming back to Adrian to work on all aspects of my game.



I booked a course of lessons for myself and my son and Adrian was the perfect choice. He was able to adapt his teaching style to suit our different personalities and ability and really gave us a strong foundation to take our game forward. A good guy who definitely knows what he is talking about.



I joined Fynn Valley after only playing golf for a year. I met Adrian as a part of my joining process and honestly the work i've done with him since has been game changing. Being still very new to golf I have a ton of bad habits and stuff I need to improve but he's so patient (especially when i take 3 steps back) and has helped me starting to see improvements week after week on the course. After working with him for about a month i consistently dropped 15 shots going from an avg. 120 score down to around 103-105. Heres to breaking 100 soon!

Malgorzata Janusz-Radomska

I'm a person who Adrian got interested in playing golf, even though I used to be a professional tennis player . I liked his attitude and willingness to work with a completely new individual who had not even thought about playing golf before. Thanks to his sustained effort, a friendly atmosphere, excellent teaching techniques, and the digital analysis of the training progress I started participating in amateur tournaments, and ended up even winning some of them. The current HP shows that I'm in the hands of an excellent coach. I am happy to recommended Adrian to everyone willing to play golf or simply looking to improve and take their game up to the next level.


I met Adrian as a trainer of my daughter few years ago. Now I am learning to play golf and I chose Adrian for his intelligible way of explanation. Adrian is always patient . I highly recommend him as a trainer especially if you want to combine it with a quick English lesson


I have known Adrian for 11 years and have always found him professional and extremely knowledgable about his coaching, I would highly recommend him as a coach

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